Mysterious cliff and happy children

We were curious about the place we visited last night to view the Perseid meteor shower. Like I mentioned in my previous post, it was dark. All we heard was the roaring of the waves and laughter from other visitors who were checking their mobile devices in the dark. We suspected there must be a beach nearby. This was how it looked like last night:

mysterious dark cliff

Luckily we didn’t venture too far ahead. It happens to be a sharp cliff. Falling over it could mean certain death. Earlier this afternoon the hubby and I went over to same that place again and this is what we saw:

the mysterious cliff

I’m not sure where we actually were. The location of this serene-looking place is some 10 minutes’ drive after we passed Beraya Laut. We suspect it is a private property. There is an oil palm plantation to the side of it. We left for Bekenu after taking some pictures.

looking over the cliff

We imagined how nice it would be to have a holiday home there…

at the mysterious cliff

S2000 on a cliff

Since we were not far from Sibuti and Bekenu, we decided to check out the land my late-father left behind. It was somewhere near a river and water treatment plant. I was kind of sad when I saw the cocoa trees there. Mum used to tell me that my late-father often visited that land in the past and he planted plenty of cocoa trees there.

We moved on to the villages in Sibuti. At one location, we saw some children playing happily in a man-made pond. I requested my hubby to turn around and went to that place. I said I want to snap some pictures. The truth was I really wanted to join those kids playing in the water!

Let these kids teach you one of the uses for the 1Malaysia water tank cover:

these kids will show you one of the uses for the water tank cover

happy children in a village in Sibuti

My hubby jokingly said: “Say what leh? See, these kids are richer and luckier than us. We don’t even have a pool!” I laughed. They can easily say: “Papa, I wanna a pool.” And then their fathers would say “Ok!” and dig up a hole in the ground. Voila!

happy kids playing in a pond in a village in Sibuti

I stood by the pond, as excited as those kids were. Then hubby motioned for me to come back to the car and off we drove back to the city.

kanak-kanak riang bermain di sebuah kolam di Sibuti

All those little treasures we found on a road less traveled make me smile happily.

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