The Ice Cube and I

Recently, I became obsessed with the Ice Cube. My late-brother, Hermes, had a few Rubik’s Cubes (I rummaged through the store room and found a few). Feeling bad (I felt like a scavenger), I decided to get myself a mini cube from ToysRus. Even the mini ones look kind of big in my tiny hands. Four decades of living and I never even once tried to learn the art of Rubik’s cube, why only now I’m interested in this art?

It’s just the way I am and I am super random. If you want to be friends with me, you just have to tolerate my randomness.

My cute cube

My cute cube

I’m quite fond of my Mini Cube, I bring it almost everywhere I go. Usually it would take me between 2 to 6 minutes to solve the puzzle. Slow, I know, but I am not trying to be the fastest solver; I am contented enough that I am able to solve the cube and memorize the crucial algorithms. You may call me a nerd, I won’t mind. The two algorithms I memorized are:

Ri, Di, R, D


Ri, F, Ri, B2, R, Fi, Ri, B2, R2, Ui

It’s not that hard, really. Amidst my hectic schedule, it took me two days to memorize the algorithms and familiarized myself with the Ice Cube. If there’s no other distractions, I’m sure it’ll take anyone no time at all to master the mini cube.

The clip below shows how I fumbled with my cube. I was listening to Sia’s ‘Chandelier’, which was playing on YouTube at the PC near me. The black, hardcover book in the background is titled FAUST – I ordered it from ITBM. Many of you have probably read this classic literature (how could you not?!) but this copy I have is a translated version – in Bahasa Malaysia. It’s a nice addition to my mini library.

I purchased this cute Pocket Cube from ToysRus (Bintang Megamall, Miri). My nails were polished by Jc Nail & Beauty Academy – also in Miri. The code for the pinkish shade I chose was SS210. My manicurist claims that the glossy, durable and chip-proof gel manicure could last up to a month and I believe her. I prefer my nails short and clean as I do a lot of household chores (I wash my favorite clothes by hand) and other activities (cooking, gardening, farming, gaming, etc)… therefore, short nails are more convenient for me.

I’m not giving any tutorial because I’m no expert in this field. In the clip above, I just wanna share with you how clumsy and slow I am with my cube. When I first tried to make sense of my pocket cube, I referred to the tutorials posted by techtopia, Noah Richardson and thepuzzledmagician on YouTube.

Notice the scar on my left hand? I got that from a motorcycle accident many years back. I’d been in a few accidents with that bike of mine until my parents told me to sell it off. I didn’t sell the bike, I gave it away to my foster parents in Kedah. The worst accident I had was probably the time I had a head on collision with a car driven by some middle-aged woman in Penang; I was thrown off the bike and ended up inside her car, totally shattering the front windscreen as I collided with the old Mitsubishi Lancer.

I had no idea how I ended up curling on the passenger seat! It happened too fast, but I did saw flashes of people that I love (my parents and brother) right before the collision. The next thing I remembered was me looking up at the horrified face of the woman behind the steering wheel, I heard voices of people from outside – they opened the door to the passenger side and pulled me out, some kind soul gently took off my full-faced helmet as the crowd gathered to peer at me. I felt like an alien whose spaceship just crashed on Earth. Their expressions were grim. The first question that I blurted out was, “Is my face alright?”

To my relief, they nodded; they seemed amazed that I’m alive. Many of them were talking among themselves about how lucky I was. The woman driver who hit me was at the verge of tears when she revealed that she has a daughter about the same age as me and that she couldn’t imagine how she would face the world (and herself) if something bad were to happen to me (she meant “IF I was fatally injured”). I, too, could not imagine how my parents would feel as I am their only daughter. Since that day, I quit being so reckless with my life. I no longer take things for granted.

Thankfully, nothing really bad happened to me in that accident, except for a few cuts on my back and arms. I had miraculously survived. My friends commented I looked as if I only fell down from a bicycle. Looks can be deceiving, you know. I felt real pain the next day – I noticed half of my body had turned blue-black; I’ve never seen bruises that large before in my entire life, it freaked me out. Half of me was cookie monster! I did not scan my brain despite persistent demands from my parents. I didn’t think it was necessary as I felt alright.

It did crossed my mind though – is this life I’m living now a reality or imaginary, was I dead but still thought that I was alive? It wasn’t the first time I cheated death. I guess my Heavenly Father has special plans for me. One thing for sure, I’m not the person I used to be. We all change as we go through trials and tribulations. Somehow, I feel that the accident accelerated certain changes in me. I wish I could tell you that I have some kind of superpowers, but that’s not true. It’s something else …

I was dead curious though. Sometime later I signed up for a Mensa IQ test instead of a medical check-up. My result came out as 152. I was genuinely surprised. Really, I considered myself pretty dumb sometimes. I’ve made some serious blunders in life, but aren’t the purposes of life – to live, learn and evolve? Please do not mistaken this information as bragging, I’m aware that I have some friends who are of superior intelligent than I am. I’m just sharing bits and pieces of my life with you. For those who are not familiar with Malaysian Mensa, here’s what a certificate of membership and letter of invitation looks like back then (I’m not sure about the current ones) –

Malaysian Mensa certificate of membership and letter of invitation

Malaysian Mensa certificate of membership and letter of invitation

Note: When in doubt, take a test. You never know, the result might surprise you, pleasantly.

Alright, back to the Rubik’s cube story:

I brought my mini cube almost everywhere I go …

Of course I would order the Midori salmon set. The name itself is very attractive to me :)

Of course I would order the Midori salmon set. The name is very attractive to me :)

It used to be Vodka Ice, now it's Radler, and Ice Tropez

I used to like Vodka Ice, now it’s Radler, and Ice Tropez

For breakfast, I like my eggs NOT half boiled but 3/4 boiled

For breakfast, I like my eggs NOT half boiled but 3/4 boiled

At Hielo with my darling cube

At Hielo with my darling cube

At Kokoberry. I like the mint chocolate or something like that

At Kokoberry. I like the mint chocolate or something like that

I think the waiters and waitress there would known me as the Rubik's Cube lady coz I often go there with my cube

I think the waiters and waitress there would remembered me as the Rubik’s Cube lady because I often go there with my cube

Like I said before, I’m contented enough to be able to solve the puzzle. When my man is around, I always request him to scramble the cube for me, after that I would try to solve it. ‘Practice makes perfect’, I keep chanting. One evening my man decided to hide the cube because I brought my mini cube to sleep every night!

What next?

I think I wanna learn how to sing like Sia and annoy the hell out of my neighbors. Now that is what I consider hard.

at Izuyaki for the first time with my pocket cube

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