Meeting a Chinese Physician

A friend recommended me to see another Chinese Physician for the dull pain on my left shoulder and arm which I have endured for the past 3 months. The pain has prevented me from participating in any strenuous activities that requires the excessive use of my left arm. I’m getting impatient; wondering when the pain would go away.

My partner had promised that he would accompany me to the physiotherapy centre after he returned from work and he fulfilled his promise yesterday afternoon. After receiving my treatments, the physician administered some traditional medicine and reminded me to avoid 5 food for the next 5 days. The food are glutinous rice, mango, yam, peanuts and coconut milk. Suddenly, I crave for a dessert which contains coconut milk, glutinous rice and mango. Merde.

A female staff entered the consultation room and put a mug of deep brown liquid (which I presumed to be Chinese tea) on the table in front of me. Before I could thank her, she glided out of the room. My partner was standing by the doorway (the door was wide opened) and watched over me. The physician reminded me again  about the 5 food and I nodded, while reaching out for the cup of tea. I took a sip, realizing it was quite sweet and delicious, maybe it was some sort of liang cha … I thought. I looked closely at the mug, there were some flowery motives on it. My mind flashed back to other complimentary beverages usually served to customers (at hair salon – for example) and how they weren’t as sweet as the one I just tasted. Through the wide opened door I could hear the other staff and physician were having a tea break and chatting happily. It was about 4:30pm.

Then realization struck me – the mug was the physician’s mug and the drink wasn’t for me. I gulped and admitted my mistake out loud. My partner was already laughing uncontrollably at the doorway, even the physician also could not stifle his laughs although he tried to maintain his coolness while writing the prescription for me. My gosh! What the hell was wrong with me? Never drink unless you are invited to do so – Isn’t that an obvious social etiquette? Deeply embarrassed, I apologized to the physician but he graciously offered me the drink, saying it was alright. I did not drink anymore, of course.

On our way home, my partner could not stop laughing and teasing me about the incident. He said I took the mug and drank like a boss. He also joked that the physician probably already threw away the mug by now. Gosh, it probably had my lipstick stain. Well, I thought the drink was for me, it was placed right in front of me – the customer mah!

Selamba jer minum air orang. Memalukan betul.

Back at home he still teased me about the incident. He thinks I am cute and comical, almost like a minion. Grrrgghhh!   

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