Excellent customer service vs unsatisfactory customer service

The Unfussy Customer

The way I see myself, I do not think I belong in the fussy customer category. Lucky are those online sellers whom I purchased items from. Once upon a time I purchased a used book from a seller on eBay for a couple of bucks and discovered a few pages were missing from the book. That condition was not outlined in the item description part. Although slightly disappointed, I just shrugged and let the matter go without throwing a tantrum. If I could help it, I would not order things online but not every stuff that I want or need is available in the local stores.

Excellent customer service from WOFS.com

I have purchased several lovely products from fsmegamall.com. In my humble opinion, you don’t have to be a Chinese or a Buddhist (I am neither) to be interested in feng shui. I am a collector of random objects. A few months back I ordered a beautiful Green Tara prayer wheel from WOFS.com and within days, my order was shipped. The item costs me a few hundreds ringgit. I waited in joyful hope but when my Green Tara prayer wheel arrived, I detected a flaw – it won’t spin. The item was probably dislocated during shipment. I tried to repair it but could not get it opened. I captured some images of the defective prayer wheel and emailed the sales team in WOFS.com. Much to my delight, they replied promptly and told me that a new prayer wheel would be shipped to me as soon as possible. I was pleasantly shocked when the sales personnel politely informed me that I do not have to return the defective prayer wheel to them. That would save me a lot from shipping charges. How very thoughtful of them! Exactly as promised, a new fully functioning Green Tara prayer wheel arrived at my door step two days after I lodged my problem.

Green Tara prayer wheel purchased from fsmegamall.com

Needless to say, I am a very happy customer of WOFS.com’s Feng Shui Megamall. Would I buy again from WOFS.com? Definitely yes! I have became one of their loyal customers. I wish every online trader that I deal with is as efficient and thoughtful as them.

Unsatisfactory customer service from a company with the initial ‘N E’ of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

My man, unfortunately, did not enjoy the same pleasant experience recently when he purchased some performance parts for his Skyline R34. He paid MYR 2,300 (that is Two Thousand and Three Hundred Ringgit in our country) for the parts which were advertised online by an enterprise from the neighboring state. I rather not mention the company’s full name, for the time being let’s just refer to it as ‘N E’. As you can see from the image below, the box looks alright.

Tomei parts sold via online by a trader from KK Sabah but inside there is a defective part

However inside one of the individual boxes, there is a broken part!

dismayed buyer discovered defective parts in the individual Tomei packaging

A close up of the broken part:

broken part

Imagine how dismayed my man was when he discovered that. Altogether there are two parts, one part is in good shape while another one is broken. The box looks good but how in the world such tough part can be broken inside a seemingly sturdy package? We were dumbfounded too. People say anything can happen during shipment but that is neither our problem nor fault, correct? My man called up the seller and informed him about the matter; my man asked for either one of these two options:

(1) the seller to refund my man the full payment while my man ships back the whole thing (there are two individual boxes altogether) back to the seller


(2) my man to keep the good part while the seller refunds only the amount / cost of the part which was broken and my man would return that broken part back to the seller

The seller refused both options, instead he offers to replace the broken part with a new similar part while asking my man to pay 50% of the price of the part, while he paid the other half. Now why would my man need to fork out his money again? The seller should just replace the broken part with a new one, without asking my man to pay again, no?

If you were my man, what would you do? Imagine, you receive a defective item and now the seller refuses to give you any refund or replace the item for free. The item was already broken when my man opened the box and it was never any of our faults. I treat all packages that arrived at our door steps as fragile; once they reach our hands, they are handled with care.

My man was clearly agitated while on the phone with the seller yesterday evening. I felt sorry for him. Clearly, he is an unsatisfied customer that feels cheated of his hard earned cash. Would he buy parts again from the same seller in the future? Heck no! He is still contemplating on whether to bring his case to the National Consumer Complaints Centre (NCCC) of our country or not.

See the vast difference between my online buying experience with WOFS.com (Kuala Lumpur) and my man’s online buying experience with that company with the initial ‘N E’ from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah? There are business owners who value profit over reputation. Have you ever encountered one of those?

I wish many online traders would follow the thoughtful way in which the efficient sales team in WOFS.com handled complaints. After all, customer is king and he is always right.

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